Have your say on councillor numbers for Cornwall

Have your say on councillor numbers for Cornwall

The Commission is carrying out an electoral review of Cornwall Council.

The first part of this electoral review is for the Commission to decide how many councillors should be elected to Cornwall Council in future.

Cornwall Council currently has 123 councillors. The Commission is proposing that the council should have 87 councillors in future.

Before we take a formal decision, we are asking for local views on the proposal. You can submit your views by clicking on the 'have your say' buttons at the top and bottom of this page.

You can also find out more about the consultation, the review and the evidence we have already at in the 'useful links' part of the page. Further information can also be found here.

Once the Commission has come to a firm view on the number of councillors for Cornwall, we will open a new phase of consultation on new electoral division boundaries.

Review timetable

13/06/17 - 07/08/17

Consultation on council size

26/09/17 - 04/12/17

Consultation on new boundaries

06/03/18 - 14/05/18

Consultation on draft recommendations


Final recommendations published