Draft recommendations consultation for Liverpool has now closed

This stage of consultation has now closed. During the consultation, we asked local people and organisations to comment on our draft recommendations for new ward boundaries across Liverpool.

The Commission will consider all the submissions we received, whoever they are from and whether the evidence applied to the whole of Liverpool or just a part of the city.

Below, you can see our proposals for new ward boundaries. You can compare our proposals (in red) to the existing boundaries (in blue) and search across the whole of Liverpool, even down to street level. You can also click on any ward to find out how many voters are included in it and how many councillors we propose should represent it.

This stage of consultation in our electoral review of Liverpool closed on 8 June 2022

Draft recommendations

Review timescales

07/10/21 - 15/12/21

Consultation on new boundaries

31/03/22 - 08/06/22

Consultation on draft recommendations


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