Final recommendation published for Halton Borough Council

The Commission has published its final recommendations for new electoral arrangements for Halton Borough Council. We are proposing that Halton should be represented by 54 councillors in future. Our recommendations mean that those councillors should represent 18 three-councillor wards across the borough. The Commission has now completed its review. We are extremely grateful to the people of Halton who took the time and effort to send us their views. The Commission considered every piece of evidence it received before finalising these recommendations. In the map below, you can explore our final recommendations (in red) and see how they have changed from the current arrangements (in blue) and the changes we have made as a result of our consultation on our draft recommendations (in black). You can also read the final recommendations report and find links to other useful information in the box at the bottom of this page.

Final recommendations

Review timescales

26/06/18 - 03/09/18

Consultation on new boundaries

28/05/19 - 24/06/19

Consultation on draft recommendations


Final recommendations published