Welcome to our submission page

There are three ways to make a submission.

  • Simply type a comment into the box below the map.

  • Upload a document in section 2 below the map.

  • You can draw your proposed boundaries, mark specific areas and draw shapes on the map below using our specialist tools. Every time you draw on the map, you will have the chance to include a short annotation to explain what you have added. You can find out more about how the mapping tools work by clicking on the question mark above the map and by viewing the short videos we have made to assist you.

If you want to type a comment and upload a document or any combination of the activities above, you can do all of them on this page.

Once you have finished typing your comment, uploading your document and/or drawing on the map, just fill in your details in section 3 below and press the ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the page.

If you need any help to make a submission, email reviews@lgbce.org.uk
1. Make your submission